The novel Love, Honor and Tennis tells the individual and interconnected stories of five women who play tennis at the Sequoia Ridge Tennis Club on the Peninsula south of San Francisco. Angela, Katy, Charlene, Barbara and Isabelle move through triumphs and challenges as the story moves toward its climax.

Part I - Angela

Angela Johnson is the captain of the Sequoia Ridge women's tennis team, which is driving toward the league championship. To win it they have to beat their arch rival, Hillsborough, headed by nasty, cheating Isabelle. But Angela has been struggling with her tennis game recently. Coach Jack Donahue is urging her to let Katy, a new member of the team who's younger than Angela, take her place at first doubles. Then her husband Alan drops a bombshell that will change the course of their life. To read an excerpt from Angela, please click here.

Part II - Katy

Katy Goldman is young and beautiful, has a spirited, adorable 5 year old daughter and is married to a wealthy older man who dotes on her. She should be on top of the world, but somehow she feels something is missing in her life. Katy is thrilled when young, handsome tennis pro Jack Donahue asks her to be his partner for some tennis tournaments, but she has no idea how much her life, and his, will change as a result. To read an excerpt from Katy, click here.

Part III - Charlene

Charlene Nolan, Angela's tennis partner, is a woman who always feels she has everything well in hand and under control. Her daughter's departure for college leaves her feeling at loose ends, but she quickly finds new challenges to inspire her. Then her husband Mike develops an obsession that threatens to change everything, and Charlene finds herself in the fight of her life. And further complications arise when Charlene discovers what happened between Katy and Jack the previous summer. To read an excerpt from Charlene, click here

Part IV - Barbara

Barbara St. John, one of the most successful real estate agents in San Mateo, has prestige and wealth but she is lonely and longs for a family. When she meets Jack Donahue, she becomes obsessed with him and goes after him with her usual determination and persistence. However, she gets more than she bargained for when she becomes pregnant less than 6 months after the wedding -- with twins! And Jack's affections remain elusive. No matter how hard she tries, Barbara can't seem to please him. To read an excerpt from Barbara, click here

Part V - Isabelle

Isabelle Rivas, once captain of the Hillsborough team and the arch rival of the Sequoia Ridge tennis club team, has joined forces with them and is using her skill as an attorney to help both Katy and Jack. But Isabelle finds her past as a revolutionary in Peru coming back to haunt her when the daughter she has been seeking for 15 years is located in a remote Andean village. Isabelle's daughter Anna comes to the United States and they are joyfully reunited, but Isabelle discovers, to her dismay, that Anna definitely has a mind of her own! To read an excerpt from Isabelle, click here

Illustrations by Janice Madruga

Love, Honor and Tennis is currenly in production and will be available for purchase shortly.

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