Excerpt from "Angela "


"Oh, Charlene!" cried Angela. "I canít believe I did that! Iíve never double faulted out of a match before. Thank heavens everyone else won." She looked around the court nervously. "Do you see Jack anywhere? I hope he didnít see it!"

"Angela, calm down," Charlene said. "Iím sure he wasnít around. Anyway, itís not the end of the world. Our match was very close, and the team won."

"Please donít tell Jack," Angela said. "Maybe he wonít find out. Are you sure you didnít see him?"

"Angela, what is the matter with you? I canít believe youíre so worried about Jack."

"I just canít bear it if he scolds me or suggests that Katy take my place again. Iíve been through such a discouraging time in my job hunt. Then there was that terrible party at the Hillsborough Country Club where Isabelle was so nasty to me. Nothingís been going right. Tennis was my one saving grace and now Iíve messed that up too!" Angela felt tears welling in her eyes. "Iíll have to talk to Jack to set the roster for next weekís match, but I can put that off for a couple of days. Iím going home. Jack may be in the rec room and I just canít face him yet. If you see him, tell him Iíll call him in a couple of days."

"I think youíre making a big deal out of nothing. Come on, letís go down to the rec room. Youíll look like a sore loser to the Half Moon Bay team if you donít show up for after game snacks."

"I just canít, Charlene. Please make an excuse for me." Angela turned and hurried off the court.

She drove home with tears streaming down her face, feeling very sorry for herself. Although she hoped that the interview tomorrow would turn out well, she felt so depressed that she doubted anything good would ever happen to her again.
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